Vision, Mission & Objectives

Who We Are

The non-profit North Shore Tennis Society represents the rapidly growing tennis community in North and West Vancouver. We played a key role in the creation of the North Vancouver Tennis Centre and we continue to play an advisory role to the Tennis Centre and the North Vancouver Recreation Commission. Our raison d’etre is to advocate for the tennis community. Ultimately we strive to promote the enjoyment of tennis and encourage life-long participation in the sport here on the North Shore.

Our Vision

We envision expanded tennis opportunities and facilities in North and West Vancouver to enable year-round enjoyment of tennis, supporting health and well being in our communities.

Our Mission

Our aim is to ensure that all levels of government are aware of and respond to the needs and exceptions of their tennis-playing citizens now and into the future. We seek to work with local governments, clubs and players in North and West Vancouver to support the growth of tennis for players of all levels, and to preserve and expand accessibility to public tennis courts.

Our Objectives

Long Term: We support the development of new tennis facilities needed for the growing tennis community, including new, dedicated public tennis courts, indoor courts, night-lit courts and a tournament-level tennis hub.

Short Term: We believe that existing tennis courts should be preserved for the growing tennis community. Tennis courts lost to development should be replaced.

We believe that pickleball players need and deserve their own courts, but not at the expense of the tennis community. Instead, we support the creation of new, dedicated pickleball courts and hubs, as recommended by Tennis B.C. and Pickleball B.C. Tennis courts lost to pickleball should be returned to tennis.