Court Ambassadors

What is a Court Ambassador?

A volunteer who is interested in:

  • Preserving public outdoor tennis facilities
  • Building community around existing community tennis facilities
  • Helping the North Shore Tennis Society with advocacy for public tennis courts
  • Maintaining public outdoor tennis courts
  • Reporting to the Society if there are any ongoing issues with his/her assigned tennis courts


What does a Court Ambassador do?

  • Tennis Court Ambassadors help keep our public tennis courts clean and well maintained by:
  • Checking on court conditions
  • Reporting any ongoing cleaning, maintenance and repair issues
  • Reporting any urgent problems (eg. broken glass on courts)
  • Reporting any ongoing misuse of courts
  • Suggesting ideas for improvement

Tennis Courts Ambassadors are not “court police” and reports are made to the NSTS Coordinator, not the municipality.

If you would like to learn more about the Court Ambassador program or become an Ambassador yourself, please let us know.