The North Shore Tennis Society is governed by a volunteer Board, elected by the Society’s Members.

Duncan Brown


Background:   I have extensive leadership, governance and administration experience in national and global unions, multi-stakeholder industry organizations, pension and benefit plans and charitable organizations. I am also experienced in planning, leading and assessing strategic projects and campaigns. I am currently the Chair of the Board of Governors of Capilano University.

Why I’m Involved:  Over the last few years, I have fallen in love with tennis and I want to help build the voice of the tennis community to ensure that our needs and concerns are heard by our local governments, improving the maintenance and playability of courts and stopping the loss of courts to development and pickleball conversion.

Marcus Shapiro

Vice President

Background:  I immigrated to West Vancouver from London, England in 2014 following a career as a corporate lawyer and Mergers & Acquisitions advisor.  Currently I assist various local companies with their growth plans and have served as a Trustee of the West Vancouver Library and a Director of the West Vancouver Library Foundation.  In my spare time I sell safaris and similar exotic experiences for Sikeleli Travel & Adventures.

Why I’m Involved:  I was invited to join the Board of the Society in 2020 and oversaw the revamping of the constitution and adoption of the new name; and as the only West Vancouver-resident Board member initiated the engagement with District of West Vancouver and arranged the first survey of West Vancouver public courts.  Serving as Vice President of the Society, I have been active in the “political” machinations, as well as playing as much leisure tennis as possible including for the Society and with STANS.

Michael Anderson

Past President, Treasurer 

Background:  I have owned and operated a commercial real estate brokerage since 1999 and have been a soccer and baseball player my entire life.   I moved to North Vancouver from Tsawwassen in 2009 and my wife Gloria invited me about 4 years ago to play Tennis with her new pals on the North Shore.  I became immersed into the sport and the people who play it.   After joining STANS, I was asked to help and join the Society’s Board to advocate and help with the effort to stand up for Tennis on the North Shore on behalf of public tennis players and help build a stronger voice for the tennis community.

Why I’m Involved:  I’ve got plenty of energy and passion left to help build on the great work by our past boards.  There is no limit as to what a group can do when, to coin a phrase, they use a full volley.  Tennis players and their families deserve to be counted and respected and I want to help keep tennis great on the North Shore.    Plus I get to shout “Let’s Rally for Tennis!”

Paddy McCann


Background:  I worked for several years as a General Manager in the manufacturing industry, and am currently working as a Business Consultant and Project Manager helping businesses through technology selection and transformations. I have been playing tennis for 4 years and regularly play at the North Shore Tennis Centre and outdoor courts across the North Shore, as well as playing in several competitive tournaments throughout the summer.

Why I’m Involved: I want to promote tennis and assist the Tennis Society with their technological needs, such as managing the website and membership database, communications, and surveys.

Curtis Austin

Board Member

Background: My venture into the tennis world started when I was young, at 15 I was appointed Head Coach at Kirby Tennis Club in the UK, and at 16 I became one of the youngest LTA Level 3 certified coaches in Britain. During this time I was a member of the club Board, and thoroughly enjoyed lobbying for better facilities, fundraising, and finding creative ways to increase membership. I am currently the CEO and Founder of CJTennis Coaching Inc. (est. 2020), a North Shore based tennis company that offers private lessons, indoor kids’ programs in Edgemont Village, tournaments, and school programs to our local community.

Why I’m Involved: I am passionate about increasing participation for people of all ages on the North Shore. It has been frustrating to see many local courts in poor condition, or even being destroyed for housing (including my home court on Lonsdale/21st), this has motivated me to join the growing voice of our amazing local tennis community, helping to keep facilities open and thriving for our generation, and future generations to come.

Cecilia McLaren

Board Member

Background:  I grew up in England playing tennis with my family, at school and at college where I trained as an elementary school teacher.   I moved to teach in BC in 1970 and retired in 2012 after 18 years serving as Principal of St. Francis de Sales Elementary School in Burnaby.  I have lived in Deep Cove since 1972 with my husband and where we raised our 3 children. I was a founding member of the Deep Cove Tennis Club in 1997 currently serve as Vice President. I became a board director of both the NSTS in 2020 and served on the STANS Board 2020 – 2022.   I continue to be an avid tennis player competing in the Americas Masters and the B.C. 55+ Games for the last several years as well as local tournaments.

Why I’m Involved: Besides the fact that I need to run to keep up with my agility dog Bella the border collie, playing tennis on our local tennis courts and at the North Shore Tennis Centre is my passion and keeps me young. I was invited to join the board in 2020 when our local courts were under threat. As a founding member and Vice President of the Deep Cove Tennis Club which uses the Myrtle Park courts,  I had connections to DNV maintenance staff. I had already participated in meetings to find solutions for the pressures being put on our courts and being part of the NSTS board seemed to be the next obvious step. I would like to continue to help advocate for our public courts and work to find solutions for their future needs.

Jodi Pallan

Board Member

Background:  Hi. My name is Jodi. My family and I have been residents in Ambleside, West Vancouver for the past 17 years. About 9 years ago, I took tennis lessons on a whim via a West Vancouver Community Center adult lesson program. Those lessons sparked my love & passion for the sport. I have continued to pursue learning & playing tennis in our community ever since. I am an active member of the WV Tennis Club and current captain for one of our WV club ladies league teams. Tennis has given me a great connection to my community and the friends I have made on and off the court over the years.

Why I’m Involved: I truly believe in making sport available to all in our community and look forward to working with & being part of the NS Tennis Society in their mission to be aware of the needs of the tennis-playing community and support and encourage the growth of tennis in our community for players of all levels.

Cathy Still

Board Member

Background: I started playing tennis at the Capilano Winter Club, played at the North Shore Winter Club and most recently with STANS.   I have enjoyed a long career in West Vancouver working with adolescents, both as a teacher and as a counsellor.    I served as a member and chair of the North Shore Youth and Family Court Committee who were responsible for opening the North Shore Youth Safe House and for hosting the Annual Provincial Youth and Family Court Conference.   Since retiring, I have been a volunteer with the North Shore Multicultural Society, the STANS Board and now on the North Shore Tennis Society.

Why I’m Involved: Cathy continues to advocate for tennis as a life long sport. We are so fortunate to have great public indoor and outdoor tennis facilities on the North Shore. We are most thankful to our predecessors on the North Vancouver Tennis Society who were essential in the development of the North Vancouver Tennis Centre.

Ron Stuber

Board Member

Background: I practiced corporate law for over 25 years, mostly as a Partner in various international law firms, both in Canada and the UK. My focus was advising on the development and financing of large, capital-intensive projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. I have always enjoyed recreational sports as a great outlet for exercise, stress management and general well-being. I started playing tennis in my teens and have played on and off throughout my life. Over the last few years, I have become involved in various games on the North Shore and often just go out to hit on our local public courts (weather permitting).

Why I’m Involved: I would like to work with like-minded persons in the tennis community who want to see improved infrastructure and opportunities for tennis players on the North Shore.